On July 1, Lord willing, I’m taking the next big step of faith as I return with the ministry’s special needs service doggies into New York City for another season of streets ministry there.

At the same time, the Lord is blessing me with continuing on with my GOOD NEWS DAILY devotional writing online as well as ongoing growth with the distribution of my tracts and devotionals around the United States.

I have forsaken ALL for Jesus and ministry, and even with being available to the Lord 24-7 while forsaking a typical American life in the way of income, social life, entertainment, vacations, etc., I still find myself feeling overwhelmed on a pretty regular basis with trying to keep up with everything in my ministry work.

Streets ministry combined with writing and publishing multiple publications and caring for my little crew of special needs service doggies with no staff, a bare-bones budget, and only 1 beautiful friend volunteering with the hours she can spare given her family life and other responsibilities makes for a tired me!

I have asked many times for prayer to the Lord that He would send physical help and a big increase in financial support. Since those prayers have not yet been answered, I ask if you could find it in your heart to PERSEVERE IN PRAYER. It takes faith to continue in prayer believing God will answer. Please will you continue with me in prayer.

As a friend prayed recently, this is not selfish prayer. It’s all for the glory of Christ and the building of His forever Kingdom, so I believe He will answer according to HIS WILL in HIS TIME for HIS GLORY.

Thanks for standing in faith with me!

In His awesome love,


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