The ministry’s handicapped streets ministry doggies are all doing exceedingly well given their ages and disabilities, and they are truly enjoying our season of ministry work in New York City, but they absolutely could use prayer!

Senior paralyzed doggy Mr. Simeon is going through an especially big bout of skin allergies and some infection, senior Abigail is having great difficulty walking at more than a snail’s pace, Gracie who was hit by 2 cars on the same day after being dumped at a gas station and who is slightly disabled is licking her chops as she walks possibly from her slight acid reflux or perhaps from her anxiety when she’s outside with movement and noise around, and paralyzed Miss Mercy has slowed down as she gets older but is doing beautifully on the whole!

Despite all this, they are all truly happy and thoroughly enjoying all the attention they get in NYC and the time they get with Mommy either on the streets or indoors as I write.

Thanks for your prayers!

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