Yesterday I took such a huge step of faith. Maybe not to others. For me, yes. I drove my car way far away from New York City to store for as long as the Lord has me in the city doing my streets ministry work. I had wanted it right near the city for emergency.

If I need to drive the ministry doggies somewhere. Or need supplies. Or have to escape the city because of some big problem. Or simply to leave as quickly as the Lord releases me from my work here. It would have been my escape hatch, so to speak. But Jesus is my escape, and my provider, and the Lord reminds me of this.

The Lord calls His followers to forsake all for Him, or at the very least to be willing to do so. For me, I have had to forsake much. Car included for this season of my life on the road for Jesus full-time. I didn’t drive the car away from New York City to satisfy my flesh. I went against my flesh. I did it for Jesus. I knew where the Lord wanted me to keep it for my time here. And I obeyed. Not for my sake. For His. For He is Lord.

I have been on the road for several years now and done much and seen much and experienced much and at times run myself pretty ragged. Right now, I deal with rats and roaches, with exceedingly high prices, with filth and rage and police and crime and overdoses all over the streets, with noise and safety issues, with being far away from loved ones, with ongoing issues where I stay due to management not seeming to care, with people lashing out at me on the streets for no reason, with witnessing people in dire straits, with watching a world fall apart as so much of the world keeps its back turned to Jesus, etc.

Is it worth it? For Jesus, yes! For others to find and follow Him, yes!

And, in the meantime, I sure would be thankful for your ongoing prayers if and as the Lord leads you!

love & blessings,


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