Dear friend, ………..
It’s still so incredibly hard for me to imagine that I was once so lost and broken and hopeless FOR DECADES that there was no human hope for me. My full story you can read on my ministry website at

Today, I’m totally exhausted because I’m a sold out follower of the Lord Jesus Christ who saved me from my sins and sin punishment of death, hell, and the lake of fire and gave me a forever relationship with Himself along with a blessed life on this earth being on the road for Him doing streets ministry and writing and publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books – with my little crew of handicapped streets ministry doggies!

I’ve now been back in New York City for my second season of ministry here for about two months and am already exhausted from the extreme number of ongoing opportunities to minister to people along with the extreme emotions of it all. Of seeing up and close and personal a lost and dying world in dire need of Jesus.

I am SO EXCITED to get back to my Good News Daily writing along with pressing on in writing my 365 Blessings devotional book – as I carry on sharing the Gospel, passing out tracts, and ministering to people on the streets. I’ve taken off a few days of my writing not at all because that’s my desire. Simply because I’m trying to keep up with everything – including preparing a massive number of my latest pocket-sized devotional to be sent out to prisons, homeless shelters, and others around the country. I’m blessed to have a new volunteer to help with this, but she has just gotten up and running this very day. And I have another friend who has stepped in to help in a different part of the country with various little things.

On that note, I could always use more support – financially and physically and most assuredly in the area of love, encouragement, and prayer.

I hope to be back soon to the writing – with a little rest along the way.

Tonight, I am going for a little while to an outdoor prayer meeting in New York City and to hand off a big bunch of Gospel tracts to someone else in ministry to help pass them out wherever and to whomever the Lord desires.

There is nothing more exciting, thrilling, humbling, and blessed in the universe for me than to be promised forever life with Jesus and to live and breathe to bring God glory and to help people find and forever the Lord Jesus Christ!

Thanks for keeping me prayed up!

love & blessings,

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