Hi everyone,

If you know me well, you know I pour my heart and soul into my ministry work writing and publishing included. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE people worldwide to be blessed and encouraged and helped via the writing as the Lord leads, and I could REALLY REALLY REALLY use help in getting the word out about the writing.

Prayer is number one! In addition, please let me know if the Lord leads you to help get the word out about the writing. Volunteer internet work, word of mouth, emails to friends, Facebook posts, anything IF THE LORD PUTS IT ON YOUR HEART would be a blessing. This is true for the GOOD NEWS DAILY writing as well as for the tracts, devotionals, & books.

My number one desire is that anything you and I and others do in this regard is IN THE WILL OF THE LORD – FOR THE GLORY OF CHRIST!

Thank you for your love, prayers, & help!!!!

Love & blessings,


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