Lead Me, Oh Lord

I am amazed amid the continued challenges of a brutal economy at the ongoing generosity of people who have continued to sow love, prayers, donations, and a variety of blessings into Walk by Faith Ministry as well as my own life. When I look at the world around me, it seems impossible to receive what I need to continue forward in my ministry work, but I know God equips us to do what He calls us to do.

So instead of fixing my eyes on the world and allowing my heart to sink as I stare at the harrowing storm around me, I am reminded I must fix my eyes on the Lord and His Word and believe His promises. He has promised supply my need. He always has, and He always will. For someone who has been plagued by worry for much of my life, and for someone who has known the Lord for a rather small percentage of my 44 years, this is a new way of life. 
Believing God rather than believing the circumstances in my life is a challenge for someone who was raised to live by works rather than trust, faith, and grace. But it is a life-giving challenge. When I choose to live this new way, the results are amazing. But then, God is always amazing, isn’t He?
Today, despite the way I have lived so much of my life, I choose to live the new way. I choose to place my trust in Him and to listen to His voice for my instructions for the day. I choose to follow the Lord this day and to see where He takes me.
While my old self yearns to grip on to the familiar and comfortable, to what seems secure but is merely an illusion, my spirit desires to live according to the Spirit of God.
Lord, I choose to follow you today. Lead me, Lord. Take me where you want to take me, show me what you desire I see, teach me what you want me to know, help me to do what you want me to do, fill me with your Presence, and help me to be the woman of God you want me to be. Amen.
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