A Life-Changing Message from God


“In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust…” Psalm 31:1

God speaks by His Spirit to His kids but ONLY and ALWAYS in line with the Bible. If it doesn’t line up with the Bible, it’s not from Him! I believe the Lord spoke this to my heart one morning. Do you believe this message is also for you?

“How can I please you today?” I asked the Lord one morning.

“By listening,” I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to my heart. Then He continued.

   “You have been looking and looking for what to do [with something specific in my life that has weighed heavily on my heart for a long time].

   Trust waits.

   Trust believes.

   Trust hopes.

   Trust perseveres.

   Trust places itself in a position of rest.

   Trust looks to me.

   Trust does not scurry around searching for what it can do in its own might.

   Trust looks to mine.

   Trust does not try to figure out answers.

   Trust knows who I Am.

   Trust does not wrestle with me or in its own mind. Trust doesn’t need to.

   Trust clings to me. Trust holds on to me. Trust is diligent. Trust sticks to my Word and knows it is true entirely without fail.

   Trust will not back down.

   Trust knows at the end of the day that I am Lord, that I am sovereign, that I do not need people to take the reins, but instead I desire people to love me, to bow down to me, to seek me, to hear me, to walk righteously in service to me, to follow me faithfully with hearts in line with my commands.

   Will you trust me? Today choose the way of trust. You will please me in this. Trust is faithful to me and does not turn away in fear, in worry, in bitterness, in moaning, in pity, in anything. [Trust is committed] to me. Trust is wholly devoted to me.

   It is your choice. You can learn to trust me. Or you can choose not to. The consequences of what you choose will show you what it means to please me – or to fall short of the faith I desire in each and every one of my children if you choose not to trust. Trust pleases me. I cannot make this decision for you. It is your decision to make.

   Choose faith. Choose to trust me. Your life will reflect to the world the path you choose. They will see your faith in your decision. They will be drawn to me when you choose to trust. For they, too, will look to me and wonder. Who is this God who has captured the heart of this woman (or man)? They will wonder, who is this God who has the trust of this woman (or man)? Will they not wonder, who am I? They will. For they will know that the trust you place in me is because I Am. Turn to me. Come to me. No longer turn to the world. Do not trust in yourself or anyone else. Trust in me. For I am God!”

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