Little Dog, Big Faith

When little Glory arrived at the animal shelter with her dead pups and a body so neglected she faced certain euthanization, little did she know she would end up with Walk by Faith Ministry and become an inspiration to so many. Who would have thought an emaciated, heartworm positive, matted, partly hairless, lice ridden, body with open sores, two cherry eyes, and mostly blind would have anything to give at all – let alone more than plenty faith lessons in the couple of years she has now been with Walk by Faith Ministry. Glory’s latest faith lesson is one of my favorites – given the level of inspiration combined with a teaspoon of humor.

Glory before arrival at Walk by Faith Ministry

Every morning and night, twice in the morning and twice at night, I set out a mini platter of peanut butter balls containing pills for the large number of dogs that are given medication daily. Believe it or not, despite Glory’s past, she is not on any oral medication. She needs two forms of eye drops daily, but orally she needs nothing other than food and water. But Glory, despite her blindness, has a good enough sniffer to realize she has been left out of the peanut butter special delivery service.

So guess what Glory does? Now mind you, she can’t see me coming. Nor can she see the little platter of peanut butter balls in my hand. But she knows good and well from sensing the other dogs becoming alert to the special delivery that it’s time for a treat. Did you say treat? Now wait a minute. Glory doesn’t get the peanut butter “treats”, right? After all, she doesn’t take oral medication.

But Glory is so in tune with the special delivery that as soon as the other dogs start stepping toward me for their “treats”, Glory knows exactly what to do. Though she is not at all a jumper, and does not rise in the air for anything else whatever, she shoots straight up in the air toward me – her eyes not focusing on anything at all – to let me know it’s time for her treat.

What can I possibly do but give her some peanut butter – minus the medication? So what kind of faith lesson is this? Isn’t this really a story about peanut butter? Not exactly. Not at all in fact. Admittedly, I didn’t stumble up on the faith lesson right away. Call me slow, but it took me a while to see what an incredible lesson stood – literally up in the air – before me.

Glory knows who her provider is. She knows what she wants. She knows where she will get it. She does not need to see me to know I have what she desires. She doesn’t chase after the other dogs to get what they have. Nor does she sit lazily on her dog cot waiting for the special delivery to end. In order to get what she wants, she has to rise up toward me – confident she will obtain what I have for her.

Though she cannot see, she believes. Though she could scrounge around elsewhere to find something even remotely mediocre, she wants the best. So she rises up in faith, opens her mouth to receive, and literally waits up in the air until she gets what I will provide. All by faith. She has it all figured out.

Sweet Glory in her new life….

And, of course, so do I. I know I will provide this for her. I actually love feeding her the treat. I love meeting her where she is. I love knowing she counts on me. I love being loved by her. And I adore loving her.

Glory is a little dog with big faith, reminding me that the Lord my provider is the one from whom I need to expect to receive. The world is not my provider; the Lord is. And if I remember to look to Him for my provision, if I make the effort to get out of my comfort zone to rise up to where He will feed and tend to me, I know I will receive His very best.

Just like Glory cannot see me, I cannot see God. But she knows I am here for her, and I know He is here for me. The Lord doesn’t always feed me peanut butter treats, but He is always there waiting with His love, His mercy, His forgiveness, His long-suffering, His kindness, His tenderness, His rest, and so very much more. Glory be to God!

Php 4:19  “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

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