Little Girl with Wings


 “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” Luke 18:17 ESV

It was her 2nd birthday. She was donned in a bright white floral print little girl’s dress with little bloomers beneath, her hair in its natural waves above her shoulders, waiting for her two separate birthday parties to commemorate the big day. I called out Happy Birthday!, but she was too busy with little-girl-on-a-sunny-September-day-outdoor matters, her attention not focused on anything in particular, no concerns upon her little girl’s heart, untouched by life’s cares as only children can be, enjoying the moment-by-moment life of a 2-year-old still so new to life. Until all of a sudden she twirled upward and darted off at high, still wobbly speed in a flurry-to-scurry, off to run as fast as possible to the pickup truck pulling into the driveway bearing her grandfather, her chubby little arms flying upward like little girl’s wings, propelling her as only little girl’s wings can do, fast, faster, oh so fast, to go running into her grandfather’s loving arms as he opened his door and climbed down to greet her. Oh, such joy! Such wonder, ebullience, jubilation, love, exuberance, devotedness, excitement, trust! She had virtually soared upon her little girl wings to reach him, forgetting everything in the world, even her birthday, her grandmother  sitting on a bench, her toys, her past, her present, all of it gone, as she flew adoringly and reverently into his loving, doting arms. Oh, to be this man greeted with such trust, love, and adoration-on-soaring-little-girl-wings!

We all start that way in life, untouched, unharmed, unscathed, unwounded, unhurt by the world. We begin with the love, trust, the faith of a child and fly adoringly and reverently with our little wings into the waiting arms of those who love us, of those we love, of those we believe we can count on. Until we crash down on reality and the world’s wounds leave us broken, refusing to trust now, our once strong wings crushed like petals under the stomping, steel-toed, boots of life’s battles, of the trials, tribulations, troubles, demolished under others’ darkness and wounding, the reality being that we, too, crush others in varying ways in our own sin in this fallen world! But who are we to project onto God man’s image, refusing to trust, love, and adore Him because of what we humans have done? Who are we not to go soaring on faith-like-a-child’s wings, flinging ourselves into His waiting arms? How we must grieve God when He sees us crumpled on the ground, broken by how we’ve failed to love one another, refusing to trust Him because of humanity, depriving Him and us of the greatest and only perfect love, His via Christ. God is not human; His love is perfect. How tragic how we hold back from Him, our wings grounded.

   Lift your wings and fly into HIS glorious arms! Love the Lord!

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