Little Miss Miracle’s Big Miracle

Little Miss Miracle has a mighty big miracle to share, or several big miracles to be most accurate. Little Miss Miracle, a senior, disabled, severely neglected, emaciated, dog rescued just months back by God’s grace alone was given a prognosis by her vet in Virginia of possibly only several weeks to live. Given her age, disability, Lyme disease, horrific fleas, hookworms, mange, severe anemia, ear infection, eye infection, and tumor on her neck and probable terminal, aggressive cancer, I could understand why euthanization might have been the best option – at least in the eyes of the world. But God had other plans, and Little Miss Miracle was in for some pretty big miracles – especially big for what at the time was an eight-pound little dog.

Months later now, Little Miss Miracle could not be any more delighted with her new life – especially as she snoozes at the foot of my bed with her brand new pink plaid sweater vest, the door wide open to let in the beautiful, sunny, and warm, South Carolina winter day, and her latest prognosis. Prognosis? What prognosis? Who needs a prognosis with a life like hers? She simply couldn’t be any healthier now – despite some itching and scratching that more than likely is a result of allergies. Cancer? Nope. Her tumor. Disappeared!

So how many miracles has Little Miss Miracle received? She was rescued from severe neglect. She was rescued from probable euthanization by the person who originally rescued her who believed her life was pretty much over. She is healthy as can be, fit as a fiddle, and is not in need of a new home. Why? She figured life with the 17 other Walk by Faith Ministry mostly special needs and senior dogs is the perfect fit for her. Most especially when she managed to maneuver her way into sleeping with very senior dog Jake and paralyzed Mr. Simeon – yes, in my bedroom. Or is it theirs?

As for her disability, she thinks nothing of it. What’s it to her if she walks with her front legs crossed at a super slow speed when she lives with three paralyzed dogs, one dog missing back feet, one dog missing toes, one three-legged dog, one one-eyed blind dog, a few mostly deaf dogs, plenty more, and me and Jesus. Some combination, huh?

A good reminder that the best way to walk, and to live, is by faith.

God didn’t give this ministry the name Walk by Faith Ministry for nothing, now did He?
“For we walk by faith, not by sight…” (2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV)

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