Little Sheep, Do You Hear Your Shepherd Calling?

The greatest of all shepherds, the Great Shepherd Himself, Jesus Christ, packed a short and sweet scripture so full of wisdom on the intimacy between a sheep and its shepherd that studying it could forever change your relationship with the Lord.

Jesus makes three main points in this scripture. If you study the original Greek words before they were translated into English, you will find a wealth of wisdom.

Joh 10:27  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 

First, the sheep HEAR the voice of the shepherd. The word HEAR in this context according to the Bible concordance also means UNDERSTAND. The sheep UNDERSTAND their shepherd. They do not merely HEAR the shepherd’s voice. They UNDERSTAND the shepherd’s voice. How can a sheep hear and understand a shepherd? Doesn’t the sheep need to spend lots of quality time in the presence of the shepherd to get to know him and to understand him so that the shepherd is not just some far-away, distant overseer calling the sheep’s name from a long way off?

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Second, the shepherd KNOWS the sheep. The shepherd does not merely know the sheep in that he recognizes one of his sheep. The word KNOW in this context according to the concordance also includes in its definition “to know absolutely”, “be aware of”, “feel”, “perceived”, and “understand”. This means the shepherd ABSOLUTELY KNOWS the sheep. The shepherd must be so intimate with the sheep that he is AWARE of the sheep, FEELS the sheep, PERCEIVES the sheep, and UNDERSTANDS the sheep. This is vastly more than simply recognizing the sheep, isn’t it? This is not a one-sided, lopsided relationship between the sheep and the shepherd, is it? The sheep and shepherd are close enough on an ongoing basis to hear and understand and know and perceive one another.

Third, the sheep FOLLOWS the shepherd. The Greek word translated into FOLLOW also includes in its definition according to the concordance ACCOMPANY. This also implies a closeness between the shepherd and sheep, doesn’t it? The sheep doesn’t merely follow miles behind the shepherd. The sheep actually ACCOMPANIES the shepherd. The sheep needs to be in the shepherd’s presence to accompany the shepherd, doesn’t he?

All of this implies a close and continual relationship between the sheep and the shepherd, doesn’t it? Only in an intimate relationship would a sheep be able to “hear” the shepherd, would the shepherd be able to “know” the sheep, and would the sheep truly “follow” the shepherd. The sheep and the shepherd would have to invest time in one another, be in one another’s company, get to know each other intimately, learn about one another, relate to one another, and be in fellowship with each other, isn’t that right?

Jesus Christ does not merely call us to believe in Him. He invites us to follow Him. He does not simply want us to place our faith in Him and go off on our merry way. He wants us to daily, continually, come after Him. He does not want us to only be in His company. He wants to shepherd us. He wants to be our Great Shepherd. He wants us to be His sheep.

Oh little sheep, do you hear the voice of the Great Shepherd calling as He speaks to you in the Bible and calls to you inside your heart? Do you recognize His voice because you know Him so well? How well does He know you because you are in close fellowship with one another? When He calls to you, are you a long way off wondering which direction you will turn? Or, do you little sheep stick so close to Him in seeking the Lord in His Word and in quiet time with Him that you are ever following after Him as close as you possibly can be?

Little sheep, if you are lost because you have gone a long way off, repent and come home to the Great Shepherd. If you are not lost but still stand at a little distance, come closer to the Great Shepherd. And, if you are in as close company as you can possibly imagine, there is ever nearer you can go. Answer Him when He calls. Say yes. Follow ever after Him. For there is no shepherd greater than the Great Shepherd who longs to bring His sheep unto Himself.

Joh 10:27  My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 

Joh 10:28  And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. 

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