A Little Update from Lara


In case you’re wondering why you haven’t been receiving much Daily Inspiration, and in case you don’t already know, just a few weeks ago I hit the road again with my Lord Jesus Christ, my Bible, my sweet handicapped and senior doggy companions, and my stuff, in a very old car, to begin the next step of my journey being out on the road for the Lord & ministry. I remain in a hotel in New Jersey not too far outside New York City, and Lord willing I will be moved into New York City in a short time. I promise to keep you posted!

As you can imagine, I’m exhausted, under a fair amount of stress, being tested by the Lord through the big move, being attacked by Satan who would love to stop me and shut me and this ministry down, and through it all by God’s grace alone I could not be more humbled, privileged, blessed, and indescribably excited to be on the verge of heading into New York City to carry forth with my streets ministry work along with my writing, publishing, and distribution of Daily Inspiration, Gospel tracts, Faithful Magazine devotional, and books as the Lord leads me.

Despite how focused I’ve been on the housing and moving search, the ministry opportunities have been endless already, and I’ve had numerous conversations with people about the Lord and handed out countless Gospel tracts. Glory be to God!

Please keep me in your prayers!

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