Looking Back and Forward at Your Life


I plan to live a long, beautiful life glorifying the Lord, nevertheless I feel led to write a will that all that the Lord has put in my care be well loved and provided for when I leave this earth for heaven – and that what He has put in my care be passed on to wherever and whomever He desires.
To this end, as I write my will, these questions come to mind that perhaps all of us might ask ourselves:
1.      Did I live my life for Jesus Christ?
2.      Was the Lord glorified in the way I lived the life He gave me?
3.      Did I love Him with my whole heart and my neighbors as myself?
4.      Did I lay down my life for others?
5.      Did I deny myself the pleasures of the flesh that I lived His purpose for my life?
6.      Did I spend my life with those He chose for me to love?
7.      Did I love, give, and serve in His name?
8.      Was Jesus my first love in my action and not merely my words?
9.      Did I share the Gospel with others that they might be given eternal life and that lives might be healed, set free, and transformed?
10.  What did I not give up for Christ?
11.  Did I walk in love toward others, did I live by faith in my Savior, and did I confess my sins and seek and receive His forgiveness for when I fell short?
12.  Was the Bible my road map for life?
13.  Did I treat His Creation – both people and animals – with the love and compassion He granted me?
14.  Was I a dedicated, committed, servant within the Body of Christ?
15.  Did I have a personal, intimate, relationship with the Lord Jesus that was the foundation of my life?
16.  Was I ashamed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to tell the world about Jesus, to lead them to Him, and to disciple them as we are called to do, for fear that I would be hated, rejected, abandoned, etc.
17.  Was I thankful for our loving, forgiving, and ever merciful God and His Son Jesus?
18.  Did I live my life filled with and led by the Holy Spirit?
For those of us who are still breathing, for those of us who know Jesus, perhaps we might ask ourselves these questions. For we know not how much time we have here on this earth, but this we surely must know. There is still time left to turn from where we have fallen short, to look once again upon the face of God, to delve into His Word, to immerse ourselves in the Body of Christ, and to love and serve the Lord with all our hearts for the rest of our hours, our days, our weeks, our months, our years – for the rest of the lives He has so graciously given us.
For those of us who do not know Jesus, who either have never made Him Lord of our lives or who have called Him Lord but never submitted our lives to Him and chosen to follow Him, it is not too late if you still breathe on this earth. Not only is it not too late. But today could be the day your life is forever changed – that you might be given everlasting life and learn to live the life He called you here to live – for His glory. If you fall into this category, please call on the name of the Lord Jesus. And please do not hesitate to call on me (telephone 843-338-2219 or e-mail love@walkbyfaithministry.com) or a pastor or friend who can share with you the Gospel of Jesus and share with you how to receive a brand new heart and life – His heart, and the life He intended for you all along.
Be blessed as you carry on. May you carry on in the precious name of Jesus the Christ.
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