Love, God

The Lord put these words on my heart today, and I am hoping perhaps they may be for you or someone you know. Feel free to pass them along. I know they blessed me. I pray they will bless others, too.

Dear Daughter, 

I love you. I live inside you. Yet you do not let me truly live. You hold me back. You feel guilty that I am not your father. But I Am. I am your Father in Heaven. You must let me in. You are holding me back. You have sought my counsel. You feel odd because you will not let me love you the way I want to love you. I have so much to give to you. This is your choice. You must make your own decision. I cannot make it for you. I have all the love for you that you desire. But you must make the decision to receive me. Do not hold me back anymore. Let me in. Open your heart to me – not only in words. Be still and know how much I love you. This is all, sweet one. 

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