Love Story


Love Story

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.” 1 John 3:1

Who doesn’t want to hear a good love story? Who doesn’t want to be part of one? We were created to love, weren’t we? We hunger for love. We thirst for love. We crave love. We look for love. We’re lost without love. We’re lonely when we don’t have it. We search  high and low for it. Some of us go to any lengths for it. We miss it when we don’t have it. We’re elated when we do. We celebrate love. We give love. We receive love. We share love. We come into the world in search of it. We find it. We lose it. We give it away. We hoard it. We succeed at it. We fail at it. We talk about it. We grieve over it. We hope and pray for it. We forget to do it. We neglect to do it. We need to do better at it. Some of us avoid it. Some of us chase after it. We talk about it, hear about it, dream about it, watch movies about it, read books about it, hand it out, take it back, etc. Our lives from infancy until old age seem to revolve around love in one form or another. But how many of us consider our roles in the greatest love story ever, and how many of us move beyond the love we can see, touch, taste, feel, and hear in our everyday lives and enter into with humility and thanksgiving the greatest love relationship in the universe?

Have you considered the Bible in the context of love? As a love story? Not just as any love story, but the greatest love story ever? What exactly is the Bible? How does it relate to love? The Bible in a nutshell is the story of God; His creation of the world and the forever relationship He planned between Himself and His Creation; the fall of His Creation into sin, death, and hell apart from Him forever because we as sinners can’t be in God’s holy presence; His redemption plan to bring His Creation back into relationship with Him now and forever through faith in Christ who died to atone for humanity’s fall; His invitation to repent and return to Him through Christ; and prophecy of how the world will end, who will return to God to love, worship, and enjoy Him forever and the new heavens and earth He will create and who will be apart from Him in hell for eternity.

If you are caught up in religion and traditions, or no religion at all, you are missing the role you were created to play in God’s eternal love story. He created us to be caught up in a personal relationship with Him forever, and there is no human love on this earth that can compare with the everlasting love we can have in God through Christ. Have you entered into the greatest love story ever?

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