LUCY Needs Love, Prayers & Surgery


The Lord wasn’t joking around when He sent me two weeks ago to pick up paralyzed Mercy in a rural Georgia shelter 5 hours away. I guess He figured He would make all the driving worthwhile by bringing two more canine kids under the wings of Walk by Faith Ministry. While the third injured dog has yet to be trapped, dog number two arrived just days ago with a big need for Love, Prayers, and Surgery.

Lucy, with a problem in her rear leg that causes her to walk on three legs, has been diagnosed with one of two possibilities – cancer or a leg cyst. She has two options – an amputation or major leg surgery. Lucy was rescued by a Good Samaritan in rural Georgia where he found her living under an abandoned shack. Despite her obvious pain and poor living conditions, Lucy arrived with a wonderful, happy, and oh so sweet disposition!

Next week, I will take Lucy and Mercy to the vet to decide how to proceed. In the meantime, I would be very grateful for your love, prayers, and donations for those who might feel led to contribute toward her cause. God didn’t name this ministry Walk by Faith Ministry for no reason. Increasingly, as I learn to follow Jesus Christ by faith, I am blessed and privileged to help those who are learning to do the same – both people and homeless dogs, too.

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