This Makes No Sense to Me


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

And lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways acknowledge Him,

And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6…..


“…Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God;…” Psalm 143:8-10……….


  This makes no sense to me, I thought. Why would the Lord want me to do this? Then I asked Him.

“Lord, why do you want me to do this?”

“Because I know what I’m doing,” I heard the Spirit of God speak to my heart. “And you don’t need to know. What you need to do is to humble yourself before me and hear me and do as I say. Your job is not to hear me and question me. It’s to hear me and obey. I am your Lord, am I not? Then act like I am. Simply obey.”

“Sometimes you will have understanding because I will give it to you,” He continued speaking to my heart. “Other times you will not. It shouldn’t matter. What matters is that I am your Lord. Pride needs to know. Fear needs to know. Lack of trust needs to know. Worry needs to know. Does this honor me when you question me? When you resist? When you rebel? When you delay obedience because you feel you need to understand? It does not.

“What honors me is this. When you seek me, when you hear me, when you know I have spoken, when you submit to me and comply. When you say yes. When you go forward needing to know nothing more than that I am Lord.”

Oh, how I needed that reminder. Do not we all? Is it not true that even when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that we have our moments, and sometimes hours, and sadly even days, weeks, and oh, my, sometimes years, during which we exalt ourselves instead of God, when we determine we are in charge of our lives instead of God, when we think we have the right to know God’s plans in their entirety, and to okay them, to approve them, to understand them, before we proceed – if we proceed at all? This is not how Christ’s followers are called to live. We are not to merely believe in Jesus. We are to follow Him. We are not to merely seek and hear God’s will for our lives. We are to obey Him. We are not to merely believe Jesus is Lord. We are to trust in Him. We are not to merely call Jesus Lord. We are to live like He is.

That day, the Lord was giving me directions on a publication I was working on and what He wanted it to include and how He wanted it to be laid out. I didn’t understand why He wanted me to do the publication in the first place, let alone why He wanted me to include certain writing in it. Shouldn’t I understand why He was telling me to do what He was telling me to do? Shouldn’t it make sense to me? The answer very simply is no. The only thing I needed to understand is that Jesus Christ is Lord, and when the Lord tells us to do something, with or without giving us understanding, with or without it making sense to us, our answer plainly and clearly because He is Lord should be this. YES LORD!

If you are clear the Lord is telling you to do something, and you know what He is telling you is in line with the Bible as His will is always biblical, and you have sought godly counsel from Christ followers if He has led you to, whether or not in His sovereignty He has chosen to give you understanding, whether or not you understand why He has led you to do what He is leading you to do, do what is right. Do this. SAY YES!














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