The Man Who Held the Doors


“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Mt. 5:16

Early morning. Tired. Didn’t sleep well. Up in the middle of the night. Then woke too early. Still waking up. Trying to manoever the wheelchair dogs out the apartment building doors once again. That’s when a tall lean man entered the building and immediately started helping. He didn’t say a word. He just automatically started helping. He delayed his reason for coming into the building. He put off his plans. He lay aside his agenda. I don’t think he lived in the building. I didn’t recognize him. But clearly he had something to do there. But whatever he had to do he pushed to the back burner so he could help me. Quietly. Silently, in fact. Humbly.

“You are so kind,” I essentially said. “Have you always been that kind?” I wanted to know. I had a reason for asking. There was something about him. I couldn’t help but think what I would soon find out. This wasn’t any ordinary man holding doors for a stranger and her dogs.

“Did you learn to be kind from your family, or is it because of Jesus?” I asked. I have a way of gushing with words. They often pour from my mouth. Not the most typical question, but there it was.

His answer was immediate. He was a Christian. He had been for a long time.

I didn’t just see it in his action. Anyone can hold doors for people and their dogs. In his silence was a quiet humility. He seemed submissive. Like he was a servant. Surrendered. And there was something else. His face was filled with light. Especially his eyes. I can’t even remember his eyes. It wasn’t as though his physical features stood out. There was simply an air about him. A countenance. One of peace. Of trust. Of servitude. Of light. Of love.

We spoke only briefly. Then we both went on our way. In different directions. Going back to our separate lives and whatever the Lord had planned for us that day. But not separate in the most important way. Brother and sister in the Lord. Both with our light shining. The light of Christ. The love of Christ. Servants of Christ. Whether we would have more doors to hold that day, or something else to do, or someone to help, or someone to share the Gospel with, someone to love, whatever it was, we shared the same blood. The blood of Christ. We shared the same light. The light of Christ. The same love. The love of Christ. The same mission. To bring Christ into the world all around us.

If you are a Jesus follower, please remember this. Wherever we go, whatever we’re doing, whomever we’re with, no matter the details of our everyday lives, we should stand out in a crowd. Or in a doorway. Or wherever we may be.

Our light should shine. The light of Christ should be abundantly clear. The world shouldn’t see people who look like the rest of the world. The world should see Christ in us. And through us. We should be so yielded to the Lord Jesus Christ and should so be living our lives according to the ways of the Lord that those with whom we cross paths whether it be for moments or for decades should see Jesus’s love in and through us.

Let your light shine, friend. The light of Christ!

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