Why You May Not Be Hearing from God


“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27

“If you would slow down enough to listen, you would hear,” the Spirit of God spoke to me one day.

I hear from God daily, as His Spirit speaks to me through His Word which I study daily and directly to my heart personally always in line with His Word as God will never speak against His own Word. But there are times I feel like I’m missing something, like I need to hear more from Him, like I should be hearing more from Him, like why am I not hearing more from Him? That day, the Lord spoke that to me. A reminder that I need to SLOW DOWN so I can LISTEN TO HIM and so I can HEAR HIM and OBEY HIM.

How about you? The number one way to hear from God is through the Bible. But God also speaks through His Spirit directly to the hearts of His followers, He speaks through biblically sound preaching of His Word, He speaks through Christian books strongly founded on His Word, He speaks through Christ’s followers, He speaks through visions and dreams, and in any other way He desires – ALWAYS in line with the Bible.

Some of us need to SLOW DOWN and take the time daily to STUDY HIS WORD, to SEEK HIM in prayer, to WAIT ON HIM patiently, to learn to HEAR AND DISCERN HIS VOICE, to measure all we hear against His Word to make sure it’s from Him, to BE STILL BEFORE GOD, to stop all the busyness and REST IN HIS PRESENCE, to REACH OUT TO HIS FOLLOWERS for help in seeking and hearing Him, and, most of all, to TRUST GOD WILL SPEAK TO HIS PEOPLE IN HIS TIME FOR HIS GLORY. We need to make sure to give Him the time regularly to HEAR AND OBEY HIM.

If you’re not hearing God, begin by making sure DAILY you are spending time with Him and His Word, and if there is any other reason you’re not hearing from Him, let Him show you the reason and make any necessary changes. The Lord’s voice is not restricted to the quiet time we sit before Him with the Bible. He can speak to us at any time He desires, but if we’re too busy and distracted with the cares of this life, we may well miss the Lord speaking to us.

Some of us, friend, need to do some slowing down and listening for the voice of the Lord.

Do you?

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