Ministry’s Doggy Update


When the Lord gave me the name Walk by Faith Ministry years ago, little did I know that after 20 years of dog rescue He would lead me into ministry on the road full-time with six very special dogs – paralyzed Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy who walk in wheelchairs, Miss Glory without eyes who walks by faith, Grace who was dumped at a gas station and hit by two cars who has a walking disability due to her broken bone being set without vet care, Abigail who is about 12 and has a bone spur around her pelvis area, and Dancer who is 13 and dances in the air though also enjoys walking and recently taken to running. Then there’s mommy, me, who is ever learning to walk by faith in the Lord as He leads me forth in helping people to find and follow the Lord Jesus Christ forever.

I have now been on the road for over 3 weeks, and the dogs are doing beautifully despite their ongoing challenges typical of special needs and senior dogs. They appear happy as we share a wonderful very large room so they have plenty of mommy time, great exercise in the gorgeous green grassy surroundings, and plenty of attention from hotel guests and a wonderful dog-loving hotel staff! Paralyzed Mr. Simeon and paralyzed Miss Mercy even enjoyed a trip to the Washington monument…!

I am exceedingly thankful to all those led to sow their love, prayers, encouragement, and donations into this ministry.















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