Miracle Needed for 3-Legged Lucy – Can You Help?

Three-legged lovable Lucy, found living at an abandoned shack in rural Georgia a few years ago with the inability to walk on her fourth leg due to what turned out to be bone cancer, is being returned to me by her adoptive family due to severe issues with thunderstorms and some anxiety issues. She was found yesterday stuck in a room in her family’s house after bursting through a door and tracking blood around from her resulting injury.

Lucy, with her brother James who adopted her several years ago along with his mom,
will return to Walk by Faith Ministry around Thanksgiving due to her
problems with thunderstorms and not wanting her family to leave her behind too much….

What miracle does Lucy need now? Though my heart and hands are already plenty full with full-time ministry and 16 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs, Lucy will re-join the pack and is in desperate need of a super secure, super strong, super safe, and super expensive dog crate. Donations are needed to purchase the crate.

Lucy loves to run. She loves the beach. She loves exercise.
Most of all, she loves humans – and doggies too…….!!

Just how many miracles can one dog get? Her rescuer found me when he approached a police officer in rural Georgia who happened to have my business card from when I had asked him for directions on the day I drove hours away to rescue paralyzed dog Miss Mercy. On that long journey to get Miss Mercy, I stopped at a gas station and learned of a dog who had been hit by two cars on the same day and needed rescue. That dog, Grace, and Miss Mercy, will help welcome Miss Lucy back.

Lucy’s second miracle? The veterinarian who amputated her injured leg discovered she probably had bone cancer. With removal of her leg, she ended up in excellent shape and is perfectly healthy.

Lucy’s next miracle? She had a wonderful adoptive family, a loving mom and her sweet son, for the next couple of years.

One more miracle for Lucy? Lucy needs help with the purchase of her crate.

Thank you for your prayers and for your donations!

The crate will cost approximately $450. All donations above that will go toward vet visit, medication as needed, and anything above that to the ministry as a whole and/or as a donor requests.

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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