MIRACLE STORY. Years ago Miss Mercy was hit by probably a truck and taken to a shelter in rural Georgia. I picked her up and was told by multiple vets she needed to be euthanized. The Lord Jesus Christ in response to prayer told me to KEEP HER ALIVE.

On the way to the shelter, I stopped at a gas station and was told a dog had been dumped there and hit by 2 cars on the same day. Her name is now Gracie. Miss Mercy (now 8) and Gracie (now 8) are now 2 of the 4 handicapped streets ministry doggies that are on the road with me for Jesus as I do streets ministry and writing & publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books.

12-year-old paralyzed Mr. Simeon was hit by a hit and run driver and left for dead. His rescuer handed him off to me about a year later. 14-year-old Abigail has her senior issues. Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy both almost died several years after rescue. The Lord saved them again.

My own personal story is totally miraculous. This is a little family of miracles. ALL BECAUSE OF JESUS. All devoted to the Lord! For His glory!

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