Mommy’s Ministry Needs a Car – Can You Help?


Paralyzed dogs Mr. Simeon and Miss Mercy have their wheels, and thank God I have mine also. However, as my Honda Element’s mileage is at about 230,000, and as I have started ministering on death row out of town, another prison’s doors may be opening to my ministering there, I am feeling strongly led by God to begin traveling more to do streets ministry, speak at churches, and distribute my books, Gospel tracts and devotionals, and as I have a sense I may be taking trips from South Carolina to the DC area, and wherever the Lord might lead me, I believe it is time to start seeking a replacement car and/or a new addition.

I devote my life 24-7 to the Lord and ministry, live on a very low income & bare-bones ministry budget to be totally available to the Lord, and am trusting the Lord to provide a new vehicle in His time His way with the help of huge-hearted people who might be led to step forward and help in some way.

Because my ministry includes 11 special needs and senior rescued dogs whom the Lord uses to introduce me to people in need of Him, two of whom have wheelchairs, and because I may need at times to travel with my printing equipment, it will be very important to have a vehicle similar to a Honda Element which also has rubber flooring to facilitate cleaning and is perfect for the dogs.

I would be exceedingly blessed for any suggestions, contacts, ideas, resources, and, if anyone is led, for any donations to my 501c3 non-profit ministry.

My car by God’s grace is still doing beautifully, but I believe it is wise to begin the search and see how and when the Lord might lead with His provision.

Thanks so very much!

Love & blessings,

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