Mother Theresa Seeks Your Help


Remember Mother Theresa? The miracle dog, whose owner threatened to shoot and kill her, was rescued by a man who abandoned her in flight from the police, was then stuck in someone’s back yard where she sat dirty and lonely, was then taken in by Walk by Faith Ministry, and then attacked by a fellow dog so badly it took her vet two hours on the surgery table to put her neck back together – at 14 years old!

Mother Theresa, despite urinary incontinence, liver issues, a debilitating mass on her leg, and the hobble of an elderly dog, absolutely LOVES her life at Walk by Faith Ministry. She loves the fresh air, sleeping next to her mommie’s bed, taking naps, barking when I get out of her view, and is incredibly active given her age and history. While I expected her to head for heaven ages ago, she has no immediate intention of doing so. She thoroughly enjoys her life, including eggs mixed in with her dog food! Mother Theresa, given her multiple special needs, will be with Walk by Faith Ministry for the remainder of her life. She heads back to the vet next week for a full workup. Please consider donating to help her continue to enjoy her retirement!

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