Mother Theresa’s Amazing Story

Mother Theresa’s owner planned to shoot and kill her. Her rescuer abandoned her when he fled from the police. She ended up in a dog pen at 12 years old, filthy, in need of medical care, in need of love, in the back yard of a family that did not feel led or able to care for her. She came to Walk by Faith Ministry for what I believed would be a short period before I helped her find a new life. She never left Walk by Faith Ministry. She never left my home – not until she went to be with Jesus yesterday. She will never leave my heart. Her story is so amazing.

Mother Theresa after she was attacked

Not too long after she arrived in my life, she was so severely attacked by a fellow foster dog that it took over two hours for the vet to put her neck back together again – and a second surgery shortly after. It was nothing short of a miracle that she had survived all she had endured. She simply would not give up. Each time over the past two years that I felt she had packed her bags for heaven, she bounced back. But yesterday, I knew in my heart it was time to send her home to be with Jesus.

Some people would call me crazy for taking Mother Theresa into Walk by Faith Ministry’s fold. I already had enough dogs. I had enough responsibility. I was slipping and sliding through a particularly painful period in my life. The last thing I needed was someone else to care for. But I was not crazy at all, other than crazy for Christ. This morning was the first time in a very long time I was not cleaning up the overnight mess she made on the floor due to her age and medical condition, nor did I need to wash her down or follow her around to monitor her water intake. I did not have to watch her as she painfully, slowly, carefully moved her body the short distances she was able to go to get to her water bowl.

Mother Theresa shortly before her journey to heaven

Mother Theresa never gave up. No matter the abandonment, neglect, violence from another dog, no matter her age, her medical issues, no mater how much pain she was in, she never stopped trying to get where she felt she needed to go. But yesterday I knew she needed to go to heaven more than anywhere else.

Early in the morning, she lay motionless, her head down, her eyes glazed. She could not get up – not until a friend prayed. Then she revived, and started her restless walking. I knew I needed to get her to the vet, but I did not know until I was there that yesterday would be the day I would say goodbye to Mother Theresa, such an amazing dog.

One day I will be in heaven because of my faith in Jesus. I have lost more dogs than most people I know because of the work I have done through the years. I will bask in the sunshine of the love of Jesus, and I will throw my arms around Angel Gabriel, Sweetie Pies, Punky, Betsy, Bingo, Bear Bear, Hershey, Noelle, Clooney, Miracle, St. Francis, Abigail, so many others – and my precious Mother Theresa.

Mother Theresa taught me about endurance, perseverance, and never giving up. She reminded me that no matter how much I have been neglected and abandoned, rejected and mistreated, left behind and left without love, that there is one whose love never fails. His name is Jesus, and Jesus took my own brokenness and gave me His heart so I could receive His love and distribute it to a world in need.

Thank you Jesus for your heart. Thank you for your love. Thank you for Mother Theresa. Thank you for my tears – a reminder of how precious your love is and the ones you give us to love.

Mother Theresa, give Jesus a hug for me. Jesus, tell Mother Theresa I miss her.

I miss you sweet Mother Theresa!

Thank you Lord for the day I watched Mother Theresa scared and angry and barking in that dog pen in someone’s back yard, filthy, waiting, and wondering what next bad thing would happen in her life. Thank you for convicting me to take her home with me, and to not let her go until it was time for her to be with you.

Thank you for the time you gave us with one another, and most importantly for the time you have taken to pour our your love on us – so in need of you.

Farewell, my sweet Mother Theresa. Welcome to heaven with Jesus.

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