My Army of Angels

I have heard for as long as I can remember that angels come with wings, but the most visible angels in my life come with paws, tails, arms, legs, and mouths that offer love, encouragement, inspiration, discipleship, friendship, and so much more. This past week, along with the 15 Walk by Faith Ministry angels that come with paws and tails, my army of angels sent forth Page, Annie, Jami, and my new angel Kelly. Yes, my angels even have names! My canine angels kept me busy with their usual needs, antics, and unconditional love, and my human angels poured forth God’s love and healing balm onto the areas of my heart and life that still need mending. Over time, I have prayed the Lord would bring me special friends. He did a whole lot more than that; He has brought me an army of angels that offer friendship coupled with ongoing reminders that Jesus may be sitting on the right hand of God in heaven – but His body is alive and thriving on earth ministering His love to a world in need. Thank you God for my army of angels!
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