my prayer to my God………..

Dear Father God in heaven, THANK YOU for 8.5 precious years with my beloved Red. Thank you for using him and me to help save a homeless man’s life, for birthing Walk by Faith Ministry through us, for using him and me all these years to share the Gospel and minister your love to a broken world, and for opening up the doors of heaven today to take him to his forever home with you until I get there to be with you, my Red, and all my other sweet doggies you’ve blessed me with. God, I hurt. For so many reasons. But I will not give up. You, Lord, gave up your Son Jesus to die on the cross for me, so I could believe in Him and follow Him and spend forever with you. It hurts down here on earth so badly, Lord, but please God help me while I’m still here to tell the world about my Jesus. I miss my Red, Lord. Thank you, Father, for being the dad I always needed. Thank you, Lord, for being you. I love you forever, Lord. Kiss Red for me. And the others. Most importantly, God, please even as I fall short daily, forgive me and help me to keep sharing you. Love, your daughter, Lara.


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