Need a Miracle?

Need a miracle? I do. I could use lots of them in fact. I love miracles. Not only do I absolutely love to see God at work, but I love the smell, taste, feel, experience, result, and just about everything concerning miracles. With one exception. What I don’t love about miracles is when I get my heart so set on a miracle that I miss the greatest miracle of all.

Have you ever had your heart so stuck on a miracle that you can’t see past it? I have. Sometimes little miracles. Sometimes big ones. Regardless of the size, though, I certainly have so prayed my tail off for a miracle in one situation or circumstance and another that my desire for that particular miracle just about took over my life. Nothing else in my life seemed to quite measure up to it – or, the lack thereof, I should say.

God is certainly in the miracle-making business, but it’s no up to me to determine when, how, where, why, or what miracles He decides to make. Yet, I have to confess there have been times I have been so in His face about the exact miracle – and timing of it – that I wanted that there was just about nothing else on my radar screen other than that particular miracle.

If you can possibly imagine the size of my expectation, then perhaps you can imagine the size of my disappointment. Sadly, my disappointment wasn’t my greatest problem. My greatest problem was what I missed in the process. Yes, I missed lots of stuff in my life. But that is really neither here nor there in comparison with the biggest loss of all.

I missed God. For during the times I have become so utterly consumed with the miracle I so desperately desired, I saw God as the miracle maker rather than God. And His “job” in my eyes to give me my miracle became bigger in my heart than who God is. God may be the greatest maker and giver of good in the universe, but this is nothing compared with who God is.

And that is the greatest miracle of all. That God is God. That He is Creator of the universe, and that He gave His only begotten Son to come in the flesh to earth, to die on the cross for the world’s sins to bear God’s wrath, and to offer up eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Why? So humankind could be restored to the relationship with our Father in heaven that we were originally given before Adam and Eve fell through sin in the Garden of Eden.

How could there possibly be a greater miracle than that the Creator of the universe would give up His Son on the cross to die and rise again so His Creation could be restored to Him? How could there be a greater miracle than that after all the sins humans have committed that the Lord would want me and you to be back in fellowship with Him no matter what we have done?

Now I don’t know about you, but I can say this about me. The gifts God has given me, which truly are immeasurable and miracles in all shapes and sizes, do not even come close to the greatest miracle of all in my life – that my Father in heaven calls me His daughter, has forgiven me my sins, invites me into an eternal relationship with Him in the most beautiful and intimate way, and grants me eternal life through the sacrifice of His Son.

Need a miracle? Why not begin with thanking God for the greatest one of all? Himself. I could spend the rest of my life praying for and waiting for all the miracles I so desire in my human belief that I will be happier with this or happier with that, or I can thank God that in this very breath I already have the greatest miracle of all.


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