Need Rest?


“Trust in Him at all times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us…” Psalm 62:8….

I was frustrated in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep given how desperately I have needed more rest due in part to my usual lack of slowing down when the Lord made me realize He had a message to give me. I couldn’t fall back asleep until I opened my ears and heart and received it.

“Rest is not just sleep. It above all else is trusting me at all times. It is putting your faith in me,” the Holy Spirit of God spoke to my heart. “The rest I call you to is not merely physical. It is mental as you well know. It is a conscious decision to trust me in everything.”

Oh, what a long way I still have to go when it comes to rest – and trust in the Lord. Worry, doubt, fear, and unbelief need to be continually replaced with trust in the Lord – and rest! I am so prone to the former – and need to be vigilant in choosing the latter.

The Lord impressed upon me that rest – and trust – are a choice. I can make a conscious decision day by day, breath by breath, step by step, to trust the Lord in all things all the time. And thereby rest in Him, in His love, grace, mercy, the truth of His Word and promises, in His hope, joy, and peace. In His fellowship.

Need to do the same, friend? Rest, rest, rest in the Lord. Trust, trust, trust in the Lord. In all things. Moment by moment – and forevermore! AMEN!

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