Need Strength?


Just as I was finishing up writing a message about the scripture below, the Holy Spirit blessed me with a beautiful truth in the verse about the STRENGTH we need in this life.

“Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face evermore!” Psalm 105:4

The truth? The STRENGTH we need in this life given the trials, tribulations, challenges, hurdles, battles, hardships, etc. we face throughout the course of our lives is HIS STRENGTH and cannot be found apart from God but is found IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND IN SEEKING HIM!

Looking for STRENGTH anywhere other than IN CHRIST and THROUGH CHRIST and TO LOVE AND SERVE AND GLORIFY AND ENJOY THE LORD will not turn up the type and degree of STRENGTH we need to live our lives confidently and victoriously and blessedly.

The STRENGTH we need is IN JESUS THE CHRIST! Let us come running hungrily and thirstily to the well of Christ to be filled with His love, mercy, grace, joy, peace, wisdom, and STRENGTH. Oh, Hallelujah! Amen!

In God’s unbelievably wonderful and powerful love and mercy, He provides all His children need – including STRENGTH! Oh, thank you Father! Thank you Lord! Blessed be your name, AMEN!

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