Need to Rest?


Need to Rest?

 “Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee.” Psalm 116:7

    I am learning to rest. Oh, how hard it is to do. I am restless by nature. I think I was born worrying and trying to figure things out. I have had a larger-than-life sense of responsibility for as long as I can remember. Do this, do that, accomplish this, accomplish that, help this situation, help that one, help this person, help that one. Imagine my surprise when the Lord responded to my continual cries for an answer to some of my challenges when I spent several weeks in Virginia following the Hurricane Matthew evacuation by telling me He was sending me back to South Carolina for a season of rest and preparation. What exactly did He mean? That I should sleep all the time, lounge on the beach with a good book to read, go to the movies and read magazines and simply sit back and enjoy the ride? Me? To be still like that? I knew this was not the rest God was, and is, calling me to, though there is nothing wrong with any of those things when the Lord is leading the way. The rest to which the Lord was, and is, calling me, is the rest to which He calls us all.

Repenting of our sins, believing Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins and was raised from the dead and is Lord of our lives, turning to God and His ways and committing to live for Christ and Christ alone is the BEGINNING of a life-long, lifestyle of following Christ in all things forever. The rest to which God calls us all is to cease living in the flesh and our worldly ways and to place our trust in Christ whereby moment by moment, breath by breath, we learn to walk in the Spirit of God, to seek the Lord’s face, to be steadily partaking of His Word, to grow in His image as He renews our minds and transforms our lives, and to wholly believe He by His Spirit will lead the way and empower us to do that which He calls us to do. True rest in Christ is when we are so surrendered to Him we don’t need to worry about where we will find love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, hope, peace, directions, wisdom, heaven, physical provisions, a plan for the future, anything at all. Why? Because we know everything we need is in Christ, and that if we fully yield to God and His ways, He will lead us every step of the way all the way into eternity. Repentance and faith in Christ as Lord are but the beginning. Real rest isn’t a nap or going on vacation. It’s a way of life of believing Jesus Christ is our all and all, and that the Spirit of God will lead us forever if we will but take a deep breath and fall longingly and devotedly into God’s everlasting arms.

   Need rest? Join me in learning how. Breath by breath. God wasn’t just calling me to a season of rest, but to a lifestyle and lifetime of it.  Learning to rest. Forever in Christ.

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