Newspaper Story on Walk by Faith Ministry

Praise the Lord that He sent freelance reporter Leslie Moses into my life who asked me if she could do a story on me and the wheelchair dogs of Walk by Faith Ministry and then present the story idea to the Savannah Morning News. I was very clear with her that everything I do in my life – including caring for the 16 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs – is ALL about Jesus Christ. It didn’t take her long to realize my heart above all else is to love and serve the Lord, and to share the Gospel while ministering His love to a world in need. 
 photo taken by freelance reporter Leslie Moses on Hilton Head Island, SC 
She poured her heart into the story for which I am truly grateful. I am also grateful to the Savannah Morning News for publishing a story about the Lord, as I know mainstream newspapers are not always open to articles about the Lord Jesus Christ. My heartfelt hope and prayer for this article is that the Lord uses it to draw people to Himself and to bring glory to His name. Please consider passing it along to others with the shared desire that the Lord be exalted through these words. All glory to Him!

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