No More Handrails


“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Cor. 5:7………..

One morning the Lord placed in my heart a little picture of the piece of equipment I saw used years ago in the physical therapy department of a hospital where I volunteered for a very short stint. The equipment was about 12 feet long or so with handrails on both sides so someone learning to walk again after a major injury could hold onto the rails for support and to keep from falling. A few minutes later, the Lord said this to me:

“I will walk with you,” the Spirit of God spoke. “I will lead you.”

What was He showing me? What was He telling me? What might He be showing and telling you? I was in the midst of a major transition in my life about to make a massive change requiring more faith than I had ever put forth. He was showing me that I needed to let go of the handrails I was holding onto for support and to keep me from falling because I was not walking by faith in Him but trusting in myself and this world and the ways of this world, and that I needed to place my hand in His hand, to place my trust in Him, and to leave the handrails behind and to walk by faith forward with full assurance He would be walking with me and leading me forth. I needed to repent of looking to myself and to the world to support me, and needed to place my focus on Him and on His Word and believe He would equip me for what He was calling me to and that He would be with me every step of the way so long as I walked with Him as He led me step by step and breath by breath forward to where He was taking me.

Friend, sometimes no matter how much we love the Lord, and no matter how much we know better, we go back to holding onto life’s handrails, placing our trust in ourselves and in this world instead of placing our trust in Him, seeking and hearing Him, obeying Him and walking forward where He is calling us.

My handrails were old ways of doing things, exerting my human strength to get things done rather than waiting on Him to lead me, thinking I needed to provide for me instead of trusting Him to provide for me, doubting what He was clearly telling me because it didn’t fit into the world’s ways of doing things, resisting Him because what He was telling me would require faith and not knowing everything in advance, believing that others had the answers I needed instead of believing God has the answers I need and will provide however He desires through whomever He desires, feeling like I needed to figure out everything ahead of time instead of trusting Him to lead me step by step, listening to the voices of people discouraging me instead of listening to His voice and being thankful for those encouraging me, etc.

Your handrails may be different than my handrails, but the point is this. If you are holding onto something to help you along that the Lord wants you to leave behind, then leave it behind. Following Jesus involves a walk of TRUST and of FAITH, of BELIEF IN CHRIST and of CHOOSING TO FOLLOW HIM wherever His Spirit leads us for whatever purpose He desires to bring Him glory as we get to enjoy His love and fellowship along the way of this journey of following Him. Goodbye handrails. Let us walk with the Lord as He leads us forward! In His name for His glory, amen!




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