Not Where My Flesh Wants to Go


“For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Cor. 6:20

When I re-read a correspondence I sent some friends, several words really stuck out to me.

Not where my flesh desires to go. Where He is sending me.

Wow! Had I written that? Absolutely! What was shocking about it? Not that my flesh didn’t want to go somewhere. I have an enormously long history, including in my years believing in Jesus as Lord, of wanting to go my own way. And, sadly, much of the time I did go my own way. What shocked me was two-fold.

First, that I had total clarity about where God was sending me. For years, I had so very much confusion! But I have learned to seek, seek, seek, and seek the Lord. To listen, listen, listen for His voice. To discern His voice. And, yes, to obey His voice.

That brings me to point number two of what was shocking. I was sharing with my friends in my correspondence that I WOULD GO WHERE GOD WAS SENDING ME.


Is this life mine? Or Jesus’? It belongs to Jesus! My life is HIS. He bought me with the blood He shed on the cross. So I would be utterly His. So I would entirely surrender to Him. So I would die to self so He can live in me. And through me.

The same way He wants to live in you. And through you. The same way He wants you to die to self so He can. Know what this means? It means when God wants us to go somewhere, and we desperately don’t want to go there, we choose to go anyway. We do what He wants, go where He wants, live the way He wants, etc. Not for us. For Him. Hard? Oh yes in our own human weakness. But not in His love, mercy, grace, wisdom, and strength!

I can promise you my life would look indescribably different from the way it looks right now if I lived according to my flesh. But my life is not mine. And flesh doesn’t rule and reign in my life anymore even though it sure wishes it could.

Life following Jesus isn’t about where our flesh desires to go. It’s about where God is sending us, what He wants to do in and through us, and how we choose to respond.

Will we go the way of the Lord?

May we do just that! Are you?

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