Nothing to Praise God About?


Nothing to Praise God About

“O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.” Psalm 30:12

Ever so struggled in life, so been steeped in depression, so faced incredibly hard circumstances, so been down and downtrodden, so been entrenched in grief over tragedies and losses, so been barely unable to come up for air due to the seemingly relentless trials of life, so looked at other people’s lives that seem so wonderful when yours never seems to be anything but miserable, so at most been thankful for the basic necessities in life with which God has provided you like food and some sort of shelter, even if nothing but a homeless shelter, or prison, yet felt there was nothing more you could imagine praising God about than you’ve thought morosely, dejectedly, in the grand scheme of things, compared to others you know or have met, I have nothing to praise God about? Then come back to the cross, to the cross, oh yes, to the cross! Or have you never been to the cross? Do you know the cross? Intimately? Have you been to see it? Lately? Ever? Do you know it up close? Passionately? Adoringly?

If you can’t think of anything to praise God about beyond the obvious, beyond that He woke you up today, beyond the food that fills you and the tent in your homeless camp, or whatever it is you realize yes, you can praise Him about this, but isn’t there something more, big and beautiful, fantastic, awesome, huge, phenomenal in fact, like others have, they always seem to have such big praises some others you hear about anyway, isn’t there anything more, magnificent,  that when you praise Him about you find yourself filled with awe, joy, worship, love, adoration and amazement? Oh yes, to the cross, to the cross! Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of man, born of the Holy Spirit and Mary a human, who came to this earth as a human, as the perfect man, who lived a sinless life nevertheless died a heinously indescribably unbelievably awful death on the cross, bearing every single ounce of wrath from God for YOUR and MY sins, the penalty for everything we have and ever will do wrong, all of the world’s sins and punishment on Himself, who endured temporary separation from God so we wouldn’t have to be forever separated from Him if we repent and believe in Him, and turn to God forever, yes, Jesus took the penalty of death and forever in hell and the lake of fire on Himself for YOU and for ME, so if you repent, turn to God and His ways can be forgiven and have a forever relationship with God, oh praise the Lord! Know anyone else who would sacrifice his life for you who can give you eternal life? Jesus Christ did this for you! Oh praise the Lord! There should be no greater praise than this!

   Come to the cross and see what He did for you! Repent! Believe Jesus is Lord! Follow Him! Turn to God and His ways! Praise the Lord forever! The greatest praise! Jesus the Christ!

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