Our Prayers, God’s Throne


I prayed and prayed and prayed about something. The Lord answered. But wait a minute. His answer surprised me. Wasn’t He supposed to answer the way I expected? According to my plan? According to what I figured would happen? After all, I was the one who prayed, right? Shouldn’t I have been in charge of how the Lord answered?

Of course not! There is one throne. For Him! Not me! Sometimes I pray and release my prayers to Him to answer. Other times I pray and hold on for dear life to my prayers as though the outcome is in my little human hands. Oh, what a relief and joy it is when I release my prayers into His everlasting arms, and His almighty hands, to His amazingly beautiful and wonderful heart, and to His awesome sovereignty. Trusting His answers are ALWAYS best. For He is God!

Pray, pray, pray, friend. And don’t cling to your prayers. Release them to Jesus! Stay off the throne. It is His! And be thankful for however He answers. His way is always the right one. His way is always best. His answers are the ones we need. For He is Lord. Forever!

“pray without ceasing,” 1 Thess. 5:17

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