Paralyzed Dog, Blind Dog Inspire Lesson



Paralyzed Dog, Blind Dog Inspire Lesson

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” Psalm 32:8

My sweet senior dog Glory who has no eyes has always had a favorite dog to snuggle with. First, Winnie who had no back feet. Then, Gracie who was hit by two cars on the same day. Now, paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon. Never mind the other dogs. She is most content when cuddled up as close as possible to him. Even when she’s lying on top of his legs. No matter how cute this is, there’s a problem however. Can you relate?

Mr. Simeon is paralyzed from a spinal cord injury resulting from being hit by a car; he can’t feel his back legs. One leg gets very swollen, and this leg is where I regularly find Glory perched. Due to his paralysis, he is not bothered she lies on him. She loves it. The trouble is he doesn’t know and see the negative impact when she does this. He doesn’t know it’s unhealthy and dangerous. He doesn’t realize she’s in his way, that she’s causing him harm. Not that that is her intent. But the way she is interacting with him keeps him from being the healthiest he can be. When I see them like this, I move Glory off him.

Sometimes we unknowingly, or knowingly, are metaphorically sitting atop others’ legs. We snuggle close to them so to speak, enjoying their company, entwined with them in some way, staying near them because we enjoy being there. Or we’re pressed up close because we feel we should be there to help them, even though it hurts being there, but we feel obligated to, too scared or prideful to step away. Maybe we don’t want to be there because it hurts but we stick around. No matter our motive, sometimes we’re in their way. Cutting off their circulation. Harming them. Keeping them from moving – forward. Holding them back from something they need to do. Getting in the way of their relationship with God or the relationship with God they need to have if they don’t have one. Like Mr. Simeon when Glory sits on him, they may not see the harm in how we’re sitting on top of them, figuratively anyway, in the way of them and God and His will for their lives. Maybe we’re too blind, prideful, or afraid, to see and do something about the harm we’re causing. To step back. Away.

Just as I lead and help Glory to get off Mr. Simeon’s leg and step away,  sometimes the Holy Spirit leads us to step back, or away, temporarily or permanently, from someone because no matter how good, or bad, our intentions, we’re in the way of God and His will for that person. In love for and obedience to God, and in Christ’s love for the person, we need to obey, trusting God to work in their hearts and lives as He desires.



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