Paralyzed Dog Chases 2 Dogs!


I am not making this up. Unfortunately I do not have it on video. But believe me. This happened. I have no screen door on my sliding glass door. I wasn’t paying attention when suddenly my two SENIOR ministry dogs – PARALYZED Miss Mercy  WTIHOUT her WHEELCHAIR and Grace (Gracie) – went on a high-speed chase after two dogs whose owner had just walked them by.

Miss Mercy who was DRAGGING ON HER KNEES which she is NOT allowed to do outside where she could get hurt should have been pulled over for a speeding ticket she was going so fast! Praise God there was no dog fight and no injuries. Now there is a powerful message in this!

Miss Mercy did NOT look at her limitations. She did NOT focus on her disability. She did NOT compare herself to other dogs. She did NOT sit around feeling miserable that she couldn’t go forward in her doggy life. She had NO self-pity. She did NOT think for a minute she would not accomplish what she set out to do. She simply GOT UP AND EXCITEDLY JOYFULLY THANKFULLY went forward to fulfill her mission. To accomplish her purpose. And to thoroughly ENJOY her life in doing so.

What if we all lived this way? What if we refused to allow our trials, struggles, circumstances, emotions, challenges, disabilities, shortfalls, shortcomings, inabilities, etc. to stop us from going all out seeking and fulfilling God’s will for our lives each and every day?

Miss Mercy is not stopped by being paralyzed since she was hit likely by a truck years ago. And Grace is not stopped by being dumped at a gas station years ago where she was hit by two cars on the same day. They simply get up every morning and experience and enjoy their lives to the fullest. MERCY. And GRACE.

Friend, in God’s mercy, and by His grace, and with His love, He will give us the ability to do all He calls us to do in this life. We simply need to humble ourselves before Him, cry out to God in prayer, live in obedience to Him, and get up and go as His Holy Spirit who lives in His followers leads us forth! Hallelujah! Let us rejoice!

Let us NOT focus on what we lack. On what we are missing. On how different we may be from others. Let us focus on Jesus! Let us cry out to God! And let us celebrate as God gives us all we need to chase after Him and His will for our lives! Hallelujah, oh yes! Amen!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 NKJV

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