Paralyzed dog Miss Mercy never complains. Not ever. She is always full of joy. She has dragged herself around ever since she got hit by a car and found herself locked inside a rural Georgia shelter where she would almost certainly have been euthanized. Her pain was excruciating, and my five-hour trip to go pick her up out of the shelter was followed by the emphatic verdicts by two reputable veterinarians: EUTHANIZE. They simply could not see past her pain and spinal cord injury. Neither could I. Not with my human eyes anyway. But when I sought the Lord, He convicted me. He called me to walk by faith – not by sight. And, after a short period of super strong pain killers, Miss Mercy received her miracle. Almost two years later now, Miss Mercy is utterly pain free – and 100% joy-filled. She simply LOVES life – most especially going out into the public and greeting people with her ever smile and her eyes so full of light. 
Paralyzed dog Miss Mercy dragged her little sweet self so full of joy to the patch of light….
When she’s not in her wheelchair, she scoots around at top speed (her top speed anyway) on her knees. She lives in her own nice-sized bedroom with two-footed Winnie and one-eyed, blind dog Glory – with evening visits from perfectly healthy, totally adoptable Esther (who still hasn’t found an adoptive home!). Leave it to Miss Mercy to inspire me and so many others with a reminder that joy is found not in focusing on challenging circumstances, but instead in focusing on the light. For us humans, that’s Jesus, light of the world. For Miss Mercy, it’s focusing on her blessings – a patch of sunlight streaming through the window like in this photo, the kindness of strangers who love to pet her, her yummy dog food, hanging out with her doggy buddies, getting attention from Mommie, and enjoying her life to the fullest!

Paralyzed dogs Miss Mercy and Mr. Simeon visit 96-year-old friend in rehab

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