Pizza, Football, Dog Food, & Jesus


Pizza, Football, Dog Food & Jesus

“We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ. And he brought him to Jesus…” John 1:41-42

Have you found the best take-out pizza in your town? Fallen in love with a football team? Found the best ever doctor for your kids? Figured out the most wonderful vacation spot? Come across an amazing attorney? Stumbled upon the all-time healthiest dog food? Fallen head over heels for the man or woman of your dreams? Learned about an awesome new-fad diet? Have you ever considered how quickly, easily, comfortably, and automatically we tend to tell the world about our favorite pizza, football team, doctor, vacation, attorney, dog food, significant others, and diets, giving them the highest accolades, recommendations, referrals, even going so far as to invite, direct, drive, and lead people right to the very thing or person we so love?

How can we possibly take the time, love, and care to talk the world’s ears off about whether we order our pizzas with pepperoni or not, while much of this world is on a highway headed straight for everlasting torment in hell because we are too afraid, ashamed, lazy, busy, or uncaring to tell people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ so they will repent of their sins, believe in Him, and follow Christ and the ways of the Lord for the rest of their lives and spend eternity with God in heaven? How dare we profess to love the Lord, march off to church on Sundays, and bake brownies for our church picnics and not love Him and our neighbors enough to help lead them to Christ and eternal life.

Do you know what the first disciples did when they discovered Jesus was the Messiah, Savior of the world? They told others! But how many of us are too busy talking about pizza and football games, our problems at work, and how our kids drive us crazy to bring others to Christ? Notice John 1:42 doesn’t say he (Andrew) brought him (his brother Simon Peter) to church on Sunday, to a Bible study, or a church picnic. He brought him directly to Christ.

Convicting, eh? Better to be convicted now, repent, and make the change, than to stand before the Lord at the end of our lives and be held accountable for not helping to bring the world around us to Him.

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