Please Don’t Give Up

What if Jesus had quit? What if He had turned away from the cross and refused to do what He had been called to do for the world? What if He had not laid down His life for us? What if He had hung on the cross and refused to forgive those who did not know and understand what they did? What if Jesus had chosen not to die and rise again so we could be forgiven and reconciled to God through faith in Him? What if He had not gone to the cross so followers could have the abundant life He promised? What if Jesus had quit? I wonder how many of us truly understand when we quit what God has called us to what consequences may come as a result? Jesus did not quit. How about you?

I grew up a quitter. I quit so much of what I loved. I quit so much of what I did well. Then I became ridiculously tenacious. I was criticized for quitting, so I learned to try to stick to everything. I held on for dear life – often for too long, too hard, and not always in accordance with God’s will. I went from the extreme of quitting to the extreme of not surrendering. Now I am somewhere in between, finding the balance. I am learning to quit what I need to let go, and to persevere with what the Lord has called me to do. How easy it would be to quit when obedience to the Lord means my flesh is uncomfortable, my flesh must hurt, my flesh must suffer, my heart must change.

But who am I to quit when the Lord has asked me to do so very little when compared with what His Son Jesus did for the world?

Please don’t quit. Somebody reading this is on the very verge of giving up. But you know exactly what the Lord has called you to do. There is no confusion. You have clarity. But you are hurting. You are broken. You are afraid you will not make it all the way. I believe you will. I believe you will persevere. I believe you will endure. Please don’t give up. Please go all the way with Jesus. He went all the way for us. Let us learn to go the whole distance with Him. 

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