Please pray for me!!


Please Pray for Me

For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof. ” 1 Corinthians 10:26

We live in a world that teaches us to be strong. I am weak. We live in a world that teaches us we should be everything. I am nothing. We live in a world that teaches us to depend on ourselves. We live in a world that teaches us we should get the credit. I am a broken sinner woman. Broken before God. I do not depend on myself. I do not trust in myself. I trust in God. He is strong in my weakness. He is everything in my nothingness. I take no credit for anything good in me or about me or through me. God gets all the glory. It is by His grace alone I walk hand in hand with Him, step by step, as I continue to learn to walk by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

This morning I took senior severely disabled 9-pound dog Little Miss Miracles to the vet with several other dogs as she appeared to be slowly dying. She received a lung treatment to try to help her breathe and live a little longer. I drove the rest of the dogs home and found Elijah standing in the middle of the room, lost, unable to move. He appeared to be dying. I have just rushed him back to the vet. I just learned minutes ago his body is filled with cancer and it’s time to say goodbye.

He was rescued years ago from euthanization in an overcrowded shelter, sent to me, and adopted to a woman who became my closest female friend. She was found this past year dead with a gunshot wound to her chest that may well have been murder – or suicide. She had sent Elijah back to me. She told me God used Elijah to bring me into her life to help lead her to the Lord Jesus Christ. She died knowing her Savior. Elijah’s purpose on this earth is over. Little Miss Miracles has whatever time God has planned for her.

And my purpose continues. To love and serve the Lord with all my heart and to tell the world about Him.

God is carrying me. Teaching me. Loving me. Showing me more about His grace and glory. I used to fall into a million pieces over things like this. Now I fall into the hands of the Lord, tears and all. And He gives me the strength to love in the midst of this, to trust Him through it all, to ever seek to love and praise and serve and glorify Him. And to have my heart wide open to any opportunities along the way – even in challenging places like this one – to tell the world about His glory and Jesus the Christ, savior of the world.


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