Please Pre-Order My Thanksgiving Book!


100 Days of Thanksgiving:
A Devotional-Journal from the Heart of Lara Love 

   In case you didn’t read my big UNBELIEVABLE UPDATE I sent out yesterday, the short version is God has called me to WRITE, EDIT, PUBLISH, & DISTRIBUTE a brand new book of which as of yesterday I had not written a single word by early January!

I have just taken one tiny step forward in writing 100 Days of Thanksgiving: a Devotional-Journal from the heart of Lara Love, and Lord willing I will do what the Lord has called me to do with love, humility, devotion, dedication, and THANKSGIVING!

My mission is to help, encourage, & inspire my readers to not limit thanksgiving to a single American annual holiday but to live a lifestyle of THANKSGIVING to God day by day and forevermore!

Please would you support me, my ministry, & the writing & publishing of this book with a suggested donation of $20 per book.

Please CLICK TO GIVE & email me at or call 843-338-2219 with the address where you would like your book(s) mailed when Lord willing they are ready to be shipped.

love & blessings,

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