Pleasing Jesus


I don’t like my attitude, I thought as I sat at my little hotel desk with my laptop trying to do some ministry work. Ugh. I knew I needed to stop my work. And repent. Wasn’t so very long ago I would have had a bad attitude and justified it. Excused it. And kept right on with whatever I was doing. I would have held onto that bad attitude for dear life. I would have clung to it. Not so anymore.

Now I hold onto the Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible for dear life. I cling to Him. I want to please Jesus. Not myself. Jesus wanted to please God the Father. Just like you and I need to want. And do. I went to my knees. Sought the Lord’s forgiveness. I received it. I came up off my knees cleansed, refreshed, and excited to carry on with my ministry work and the rest of the day. Following Jesus. With the right attitude. Pleasing to Him. Learning to please Him in all things. With the right heart. All for the glory of Christ, AMEN! For He is Lord! For He is King! For He is God! Oh, hallelujah!

How is your attitude right now? Daily? Need to repent? Anything else you’re thinking, saying, or doing that does not please the Father? Then repent! Then carry on with your day – and all the days to come. Live for Jesus, dear friend. Live for Him! Today and always, yes! Strive to please the Lord moment by moment – and forevermore! For He is God almighty, hallelujah, yes!

My God, please help us to please you! Teach us by your Spirit in your Word what pleases and honors you! Help us to let go of what does not. We need your strength, dear Father. Our flesh is so very weak. Without you, we would resort to all our old ways. May we who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord live for you oh Lord! Oh, yes! AMEN!

“And He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do those things that please Him.”” John 8:29

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