Post-Hurricane Update from Lara


Post-Hurricane Update from Lara

I’ve heard it often said God will use a mule, or ass, to do something He desires in a person – as He did in the Old Testament. In my case, He used a hurricane. I had not been away in six years because of all the dogs in my care, and thought it was impossible to go anywhere for even a night. With 24 hours’ notice for a mandatory evacuation, He provided everything I needed to get in a cargo van with 10 special needs & senior rescued dogs and sent me to Virginia outside the DC area where He had been speaking to my heart He would send me back to for the purpose of ministry. I have been here for several weeks now, have cried out to the Lord, and have heard His answer about His plan for me and the ministry next.
Tuesday, November 1, I am returning to South Carolina for a season of rest as He prepares me for leading the ministry in both locations. I don’t yet know the details, but simply that I need to rest, trust in Him, and go through the preparation and wait on Him to show me how He wants me to proceed. Will I live  part-time in both locations, come to VA/DC for visits periodically, and one day return with a big move? Only God knows. And for a woman who has spent most of my life wanting answers – NOW – and wanting to rush ahead and accomplish whatever I’m supposed to do, I am now truly learning what it means to wait on the Lord and to trust Him and rest in Him. I have such an incredibly long way to go with trusting, rest, and waiting, but am most assuredly well on my way now.

Many doors have opened in Virginia for ministry, many doors remain open in ministry in South Carolina/Georgia, but most importantly my heart is wide open to the Lord’s will for me as I continue to live my life to love and glorify His name!

Please be patient in the coming days and weeks as I make the big return to South Carolina. I have not seen my house post-hurricane nor has anyone entered into it. The neighbors say the yard and house looked fine after the hurricane which hit parts of my area hard. More than anything regarding housing, I have learned in this evacuation that my home is not in a geographical location. My home, location, provision, life’s calling, purpose, absolutely everything, is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Once again, I want to thank each and every person who has sown love, encouragement, prayers, time, care, donations, food, clothing, and shelter in these past weeks into my life and ministry. I have not yet had the opportunity to send out thank-yous, e-mails, and receipts to those who want them, but rest assured I am thankful to God for all of you beyond measure.

While I LOVE to write Daily Inspiration, I have as you know fallen short in my usual almost daily writing and publishing of it as I have lived out of a hotel room with six dogs & been busy with family, friends, and ministry opportunities while away. In the coming days, with the big transition back to SC and continuing to seek and wait on the Lord, I expect I will again not keep up with my usual hoped-for schedule for Daily Inspiration. Please keep me and this ministry in your prayers, and continued donations as the Lord might lead you are absolutely always welcome as I pursue the Lord and my life’s purpose to help people to become and remain forever followers of the Lord Jesus Christ while continuing to care for the dogs as long as the Lord desires.

With love & blessings,


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