Prayer Request & Update


Hi everyone!


I have been back in South Carolina two months since the big hurricane evacuation and am well immersed in my season of rest and preparation into which the Lord has called me.

He has abundantly and graciously restored my health which I greatly compromised through the years with an exhaustive and very much flesh-driven lifestyle and convicted me and delivered me into a new lifestyle of seeking His face and being in His presence and being sensitive to His Spirit and following His leading and being in His Word and loving and worshiping and obeying Him like never before!

He is teaching me to rest in Him and preparing me by His Spirit through His Word by refining me and conforming me to my sweet beloved Lord Jesus Christ! And oh what a marvelous work He is doing for which He gets all glory!

Some doors in ministry have closed. Others are opening. But He has convicted me that loving and worshiping Him is more important than ministry and needs to be my primary focus, and that all ministry that bears fruit for Him is borne of placing loving and adoring Him and spending time in His presence as my highest priority in life!

He is leading me forward in writing, publishing, and distribution of my Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books, combined with streets ministry and evangelism as He so leads me in fulfilling my life’s calling to love Him with all my heart and to help people find and follow Jesus Christ as Lord forever. But all this now at a slower pace as I learn to seek and discern His voice and to follow in faithful obedience.


The Lord is sending me back to Virginia part-time for ministry, and I am seeking Him continually for the time frame and details of the big move and transition. It seems with my human eyes impossible as a 49-year-old single woman on a bare-bones income with a ministry and almost no human help & 8 special needs & senior rescued dogs in my care to take such a gargantuan step, but I am certain God will enable me to do that to which He has called me. He will get the glory for sure!


  1. That my primary focus would continue to be loving and worshiping God.
  2. Hearing & obeying God & being ever more sensitive to His Spirit and better able to discern His voice.
  3. Adoptions for at least two of the dogs, Esther & Mr. Shnookles if it’s His will, despite that He has not answered my incessant cries for adoptions and despite how long and how hard I have worked to place some of the dogs in safe & loving homes.
  4. What to do with my house in South Carolina which despite being in excellent working order needs a major makeover due to the dogs while I am in Virginia which could possibly be for about 6 months or so. Rent it? Sell it?
  5. Housing in Virginia for me and about 6 of the special needs & senior dogs unless God sees fit to send me with less of them. Needs to be ground level and good floors and possibly a ramp for wheelchair dogs. Centrally located for access to Loudoun County, McLean, and DC, or wherever else in VA God might want me to be. He knows I am willing to go anywhere in the country, and even to stay here, but I have total clarity He is sending me back to VA at least for a season.
  6. Really good transportation as my car is exceedingly old with very high mileage. New vehicle would need to be good for transporting the dogs.
  7. Financial help and support. Possibly sponsors for the housing in Virginia as without the dogs I would simply rent a room or ask a friend to donate a room for a season. More monthly sponsors. More donors for the printing of tracts & books. More donations in general. However the Lord might want to provide financially.
  8. Continued health & provision for me & the ministry including the dogs.
  9. However else the Lord might lead you to pray!

Thank you so much!

Love & blessings,


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