Praying Without Borders


I am concerned if we are not careful we end up forming borders around our prayers. Never heard that terminology? I am not sure I ever have. But as I was bustling about my hotel room doing my evening chores caring for my special needs ministry dogs those words came strong on my heart. Courtesy of the Holy Spirit of God no doubt.

Borders? Yes, I think we can tend to limit our praying to subjects that concern us, people we love, people we know, those closest to us, local issues, issues that affect us, to our relationships, to what matters most to us, to our own household, to our own town, to our own country, etc.

As the world worsens by the day which it no doubt it, I believe it is more important than ever to throw away the borders around our prayers. And to seek the heart of God. To pray as His Holy Spirit leads us. To pray for anyone and about anything God calls us to whether for someone across the room or for whole nations across the world.

Whether for all homeless people worldwide, whether for government officials all over our country, whether for first responders in big cities across America, whether for all people who have been raped, whether for all those in prison needing salvation, etc. Whether for the family on the side of the road waiting for an ambulance to come. Whether for the waitress at the local diner who looks miserable. Whether for all the school children under lockdown due to a threat called in. Whether for the neighbors we simply can’t stand because of their noise and meanness. Whether for all pastors worldwide who boldly preach the truth of the Bible. And on and – and on.

Let us not put any borders around our prayers. Let us not pray according to our own idea of about what and about whom we feel we should pray. Let us look to the Lord Jesus Christ and pray according to the Holy Spirit of God as He so leads us. Oh, let us pray! Pray, pray, pray, let us pray! Amen! Let us pray for people and about issues anywhere and everywhere in the whole wide world – at the leading of God almighty, AMEN!

Yield your heart to God! Yield your praying to God! Pray for whomever and about whatever God puts on your heart – to PRAY! Pray, pray, oh pray! Hallelujah! Glory to God, please PRAY!

“pray without ceasing,” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 NKJV

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