Praying Woman Accosted by Canine Snuggle Muffins


“A merry heart does good, like medicine,…” Proverbs 17:22………….

I pray a whole lot throughout the day and night, continually communing with the Lord whether to pour out my heart to Him, to seek Him with questions, to pray for someone or something, to ask for help and strength, to hear Him chasten me, to praise and worship and adore Him, anything at all to be in His glorious presence. Sometimes I pray on my knees, and I certainly could do much more of that, and much of the time I pray wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, whether walking, sitting, writing, talking to someone, driving, resting, etc. What a silly little surprise I had one day when I knew I was getting tested with something I had just written about and went down on my knees to pray briefly because I so very much wanted to pass the test and do what would be pleasing to God. A silly little surprise? Yes!

I was accosted by two sweet and silly little canine snuggle muffins. Unbeknownst to me while I prayed, paralyzed dog Miss Mercy, disabled after being hit by a car before being taken to an animal shelter where she would have likely been euthanized, had scooted over to me as I prayed. All of a sudden, she stuck her nose under my shoulder as I finished praying and shoved her nose upward to try to extend my arm to love and pet her! Just as she got started, slightly disabled dog Grace, who had been hit by two cars on the same day in front of a gas station where she had been dumped, had done her little limp-walk all the way over to me to stick her nose under my same shoulder along with Miss Mercy’s – for the same purpose. For love and petting!

Before I was even up off the floor, I had been accosted by two adorable little canine snuggle muffins. Could there possibly be a message in this? Yes!

There is nothing, and nobody, more important in the universe than the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and nothing more important and serious than believing in, loving, and living for the Lord forever, and yet the life of a Christ follower is not only marked by the utter seriousness of following Him but also by the little joys and laughs of the life God has so abundantly and graciously given us – canine snuggle muffins included!

Please be certain the Lord is your absolute number one priority in your life, and that nothing is more important and serious to you than believing in and following Him. And please remember to enjoy and be thankful for His blessings along the way – lighthearted and snuggle-y ones included!

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