Protect This!


I was about to go on a walk with Jesus which I so love to do to get fresh air, get exercise, and more than anything to spend time loving, praising, worshiping, praying to, seeking, listening to, and singing to the Lord as I enjoy His glorious presence. Suddenly it dawned on me it would be the perfect opportunity to make a phone call to make a veterinary appointment for one of the ministry dogs. Though I felt strongly compelled to come away from the cares of the day to be with Jesus, I tried to convince myself I could call the vet on my walk. After all, despite the leading I felt in my heart to be with God, surely Jesus could wait.

Never mind that I sensed this was the time to be with Him. God knew I had important things to take care of. The Holy Spirit of God brought strong conviction. I submitted to God. I postponed the call. I went on my walk with the Lord. But not before the Lord placed on my heart these words. PROTECT THIS.

Protect what? Friend, each and every day of our lives we should come away from whatever we are doing and spend time alone with God and the Bible, experiencing and enjoying His presence, praising and praying to Him, hearing and obeying Him, being changed by Him, being loved by Him and loving Him in return, being led to repentance when needed and receiving His conviction and chastening, worshiping Him, adoring Him, walking with Him, dancing before Him, whatever it is we are led to do to bring joy, honor, and pleasure and delight to Him as He blesses us with His love and we give Him our thanksgiving. WE MUST PROTECT THIS TIME WITH HIM. We must not allow anything or anyone ourselves included to steal this time away.

For there is nothing and nobody in the universe more important and precious and magnificent and glorious than the Lord.

Are you spending time with Jesus daily? I spend mine in the middle of the night when the Lord wakes me, in the morning before I get busy, and throughout the day and evening sometimes in set apart times just Him and me, other times simply seeking Him and praying to Him and listening to Him as I go about the doings of my day.

Please, friend, PROTECT THIS. Your time with the Lord. Oh, please do! Amen!

The world and our flesh may come against our relationship with God and spending time alone with Him, and the devil himself would probably love nothing more than to steal, kill, and destroy our time with Jesus and the Bible. When Jesus promises abundant life to His followers, have you considered that the most important aspects of that abundant life aren’t the physical blessings He gives us on this earth and the beautiful relationships with others with which He blesses us? That the best part of the abundant life promised Jesus’ followers is our relationship with Him here on earth and in heaven? Oh, let us protect our time alone with Jesus. Let us treasure Him and treasure our time alone with Him. Oh, yes!

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

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