Pulpits, Peace & Prosperity

If there was anything God hated about the false prophets from long ago, it was that they spoke lies in His name (Jeremiah 14:4); taught rebellion against Him (Jeremiah 28:16); went around prophesying peace to the people (Jeremiah 6:14) when the people’s wicked ways would bring on God’s wrath; and refused to warn the people that they needed to repent of their evil ways and throw themselves at the feet and mercy of the Lord with a WHOLE-hearted commitment to change their ways. But if you think studying the false prophets of long ago is nothing more than studying a history lesson of times gone by, think again. Be warned. False prophets are everywhere today, in the secular world and in countless church pulpits, and the peace and prosperity being preached from the pulpit not to mention just about everywhere else, means humanity is headed for hell unless we cast away the lies and believe and commit our hearts and lives to the Truth.

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No matter how happy and fulfilled you may feel listening to the false prophets and the world at large telling you that sleeping with your boyfriend is okay, same-sex marriage is the norm, abortion is the right way out, pornography is acceptable because everyone’s into it, skimming a little money from your boss’s business is justified because of how hard you work, homosexuality is perfectly fine because the law condones it, lying to your loved ones is the right way to go so you don’t hurt them with your secret, cheating on your significant other is not a big deal because who doesn’t cheat, accumulating riches on earth is better than giving to those in need because they’re probably taking advantage of the system anyway, you’ll probably end up in heaven because you’re better than lots of other folk out there, your sin isn’t sin because it’s nothing compared with what everyone else is doing, and on, and on, I have news for you.

No matter what the world says, no matter what the world does, no matter what peace and prosperity some false prophet is preaching from some pulpit whether it’s on your living room television or at the church you’ve been attending for the past 25 years, and no matter what your best friend says or your family believes, the ONLY Truth with a capital T is God’s Truth. The only standard by which we are called to live and by which we will be held accountable both now and forever is God’s Word. And the only way to heaven and the only way to true peace in our hearts while we are on this earth is by confessing we are sinners, repenting of our sins, understanding and believing Christ died on the cross to bear God’s wrath against us for our sins upon Himself, and committing our lives to the Lord and to His ways – to His Truth rather than the world’s lies.

I have a word of warning for you. Be careful who you are listening to. If you are measuring your life according to the world, the media, what everyone else is doing or saying, human law, what the politicians are saying, and what the false prophets are preaching, you are not only missing out on eternity with God in heaven – but you are missing the breathtakingly beautiful relationship on this very earth God offers us with Himself through repentance, faith, forgiveness, and commitment unto Him.

But I also have good news for you, the best news in the universe in fact. Because of God’s infinite love and mercy, we can cast out the lies we are believing, fall to our knees in repentance, place our trust in the living Christ, and begin our lives anew, afresh, receiving the promise of eternal life and coming to see that true peace and true prosperity are not in the stuff and riches and people and things of this world, but in being in forever fellowship with the Lord of the universe.

Mar 1:15  And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel. 

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